UK Work Permit

UK Skilled Worker Visa

The UK is one of the most popular destinations for people from India to work and settle down. The UK offers a wide variety of employment opportunities in various sectors to its people as well as those who wish to go there for work purposes. Among all UK states, London has emerged as the most sought-after destination for Indians.

A majority of Indians who have migrated to the UK have taken up jobs in different sectors, including financial services, healthcare, hospitality, media, and technology. For UK education, law engineering, healthcare administration tourism students business finance media London has emerged as the most popular profession.

Visa Details

Skilled worker visas allow skilled workers to develop careers in Britain for a short period. The period of stay for qualified employees is a total of five years. Skilled worker visas are point-based visa applications that must be scored with a minimum of 70 points for consideration. Depending on your score and eligibility, the points may be awarded. Tier two visas are subdivided in order to permit professionals

Skilled workers may work in the United Kingdom under a Skilled Worker Visa. The duration of stay on this visa is five years, with the possibility of an extension. The permit Visa is a points-based program, and applicants must obtain at least 70 points to have their application considered. 

The following factors are considered

How to apply

Step 1 : Employer Must Apply

The employer from Uk takes the initial step. They will submit an application for a sponsorship license to the UKVI – UK Visas and Immigration, which will be evaluated appropriately.

Step 2 : Get the COS from Employer

The approved sponsor applies for a COS – Certificate of Sponsorship on behalf of the occupation they wish to be filled by a non-resident worker. Once the COS is granted, the immigrant may apply for a Work Visa.

Step 3 : Apply for Visa in Home Country

The final stage of the visa application is completed by the applicant. This is done with their own COS number and proof of fulfilling the requirements for a Skilled Worker Visa.


Benefits of UK Work permit Visa

If you apply from outside the United Kingdom, you should get a response within 3 weeks if your application is accepted. You can start working in the UK no earlier than 3 months before your Certificate of Sponsorship expires.

To apply you must have an offer of employment from a licensed employer from the UK, who can sponsor for a specific job position from out the country.

If you meet the requirements, your employer or sponsor will check to see if you have the skills necessary for the work you’ll be doing and whether you are qualified for the visa. They will issue a certificate of sponsorship to you with which you can apply for a visa.

Yes, you can apply for Dependent and they are eligible to work full-time jobs in the UK.

  • Fee for up to 3 years visa – £610 per person

  • Fee for more than 3 years – £1,220 per person

  • job is shortage list to 3 years visa – £610 per person

  • Job shortage list for more than 3 years visa – £1,220 per person

  • NARIC Fees 49.50 pounds

IELTS is not required. The language requirements for the visa must be satisfied by either IELTS (General) with a score of 4 bands in all four modules or a NARIC report for the Bachelor’s or Master’s degree.

The visa can be granted for three years or more (up to a maximum of five years). After 5 years, individuals who have been in good standing for 5 years can apply for FLR, and after another two years, for ILR.

No, they need to pay the fee as per the NHS charges.

  • Certificate of Sponsorship from a UK employer

  • All Employment letters with Salary

  • Financial details

  • Valid Current passport and with complete travel history

  • Certifications proving your English skills

  • Criminal record certificate current Country.

  • Other supporting documents may be required.

The wage standard for this visa is £25,600 per year. Alternatively, the ‘going rate’ is used in some cases where individuals have specific education or experience requirements that must be met by employers.

What are the requirements for a British job? You can work within Britain if you’re a UK resident or an ILR or EU resident or if you’re a resident of the UK and your immigration status permits you to undertake work in your field.

Before applying, you have to meet these work permit requirements. Have been confirmed to work with an accredited UK employer who is acting in your favor. Provide the sponsors with their sponsorship certificates and other documentation.

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UK residents can apply for work visas by either finding employment or enlisting sponsorship. To enter the UK job market, you must first find a suitable position. If the employment opportunity is only for low-skilled individuals, it’s not possible to apply for a work visa in the UK. You must apply for a UK work visa through Visas and Immigration Services.