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The United Kingdom educational system is the most recommended by students across, and one can see the surge of increased student enrolments to various universities and educational institutions in and around the U.K. Students equally prefer the country as it hosts some of the most prestigious institutions which have got a proven legacy of producing stalwarts in education.

Suppose you want to pursue a Master’s course in the U.K., The Master’s degree of one year to be a big advantage. Alternatively, you may opt for a Master’s program in combination with a PhD, which will save you an additional year. The Shorter duration of courses in the U.K. reduces tuition and accommodation costs for international students.

Above all, the country offers structured education for students with more and more mandatory practical implementation, becoming part of the university curriculum.

The research component in the curriculum makes them the preferred destination

The United Kingdom Educational System lays its emphasis on continuous research and various aspects of practical know-how. The students get constant encouragement to pursue the research activities during their study, and some of the projects that the students get to undergo are sometimes sponsored by some of the leading Multi-National Companies (MNC).

Students get an opportunity to study dual degree programs all at once

The most beneficial component of the U.K. study program is that the students who prefer to undergo a dual degree program with the University can always opt for the same. The biggest advantage of this dual program is that it makes the student explore two subjects in a one-degree program, and with practical exposure, they get to become multi-edged professionals.

A classic example of such a dual study program in the U.K. is when a student takes up a course on product engineering, they can eventually opt for financial management or a management program. These dual courses enable the student to plan to get into entrepreneurship or get into multi-faceted job opportunities with MNC’s who earnestly look forward to such a qualification.

The new Graduate Route will be available to anyone completing a U.K. degree from the summer of 2021 or after. It will allow you to stay in the U.K. for up to two years after you graduate, with no restriction on the type of work you can do.

This will ensure that the U.K. remains one of the best destinations for Indian students. study in UK with Global connections as we are the best student visa consultant in India & Uk immigration.

The best course in Business in U.K are:


January/February Intake

Some universities in the U.K. also provide April / May intake for a few courses.

September Intake

The main intake in the U.K. is September intake. It is also called autumn intake in the U.K. Most Universities in the U.K. offer all the courses in the September intake. The application deadlines for the September intake will fall between February and May of that academic year. However, it will always vary based on course and changes from University to University.

January Intake

January intake is the secondary intake. There are not many courses are offered in January intake compared to September intake. Any student missed the main intake; this is the best opportunity. It gives students some more time to work on their applications.

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