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Italy is a beautiful place to visit and is home to the greatest works of art and architecture. The country has almost everything just around the corner like cosy beaches, cute cafes, skiing facilities, and historical sites. Also, it is a wonderful destination for international students to pursue degrees in various fields. It is also a great option for candidates who are interested in learning a new language.


Italy is famous for the top public and private universities and offers quality educational facilities and a multicultural ambience to international students. It is renowned that the cities in Italy come to life after 6 p.m. Students who enjoy nightlife are about to witness an exceptional place if they study in Italy.


Italy offers many local culinary styles that vary from region to region. Two of the cuisines from Italy are Pizza and Pasta, and they are famous worldwide. Pizza in Italy is more refined and isn’t found anywhere else in the world. And pasta, you can enjoy them in all sizes and forms, and most restaurants serve homemade pasta. Also, Italians take great pride in their coffee and wine.


All these factors have made Italy a premium destination for thousands of applicants from different parts of the world. Italy is the home to the oldest university in Europe and plenty of top-ranked universities offering a unique international environment. Global connection is the best study abroad consultancy in Hyderabad and has years of experience in the student visa process in India.

Top 10 Universities for Abroad Studies in Italy

Top Courses Preferred by Indian Students to Study in Italy


Application Process

The applicants have to submit certain documents while applying for admission into Italian universities, and each university has a specific set of requisites. Depending on the program and the language in which the program is taught, the aspirants must submit relevant documents. It is suggested to check with the university for the minimum grades required to verify eligibility.

Following are the list of documents needed for your admission:

Students must be clear with the visa requirements before applying for study and have a temporary Italian residence. Students from outside the European Union need to apply at the Italian embassy or consulate.

Expert guidance always comes in handy while applying for university admission or Visa. GC Visas assists the Indian aspirants by taking care of the entire process. We offer personalized counselling to students to reach their destinations. Talk to our Italy education counsellors to begin your process.