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With advanced technological development, rich culture, and a well-equipped education system, France has become one of the most explored overseas education destinations for Indian students. As a frontier in modern technological developments, this European nation offers excellent employment options for overseas students who want to work after their course completion.

Education in France has become a popular option among Indian students due to the lower tuition fee charged by the universities. The French government allocates a higher share (more than 20%) of its budget to the education sector. And there’s no surprise why this country stands amongst the best educational destinations in the world. The French government also offers financial aid to select international students for accommodation expenses.

Indian students can apply for any of the 90 Public Universities after considering their qualifications. These universities offer courses in diverse fields like Bio-Technology, Computer Science, Engineering, Material Science, Literature, Arts, Social Science, Law, Economics, Business Management, Health, Sports and more.

French is also taught additionally in universities so that the students can get command over the language. This comes in handy for the students who want to work in France after their education. France is one of the most popular tourist destinations globally, attracting millions of people from all corners of the world every year. It will be a fantastic destination to study and enjoy your leisure time exploring the country.

Top 10 Universities for Abroad Studies in Italy

Top Courses Preferred by Indian Students to Study in Italy


Application Process

The applicants have to submit certain documents while applying for admission into Italian universities, and each university has a specific set of requisites. Depending on the program and the language in which the program is taught, the aspirants must submit relevant documents. It is suggested to check with the university for the minimum grades required to verify eligibility.

Following are the list of documents needed for your admission:

Students must be clear with the visa requirements before applying for study and have a temporary Italian residence. Students from outside the European Union need to apply at the Italian embassy or consulate.

Expert guidance always comes in handy while applying for university admission or Visa. GC Visas assists the Indian aspirants by taking care of the entire process. We offer personalized counselling to students to reach their destinations. Talk to our Italy education counsellors to begin your process.