The Best 5 PNPs

Provincial Nominee Program(PNP)

In Canada, each province and territory has its own Provincial Nominee Program(PNP), which nominates candidates interested in settling in that particular province with fast‐tracked immigration. Each Canadian Provincial Nominee Program has its criteria, guidelines, as well as province-specific streams. This allows each province and attracts new immigrants with the precise skills, work experience, and knowledge required to meet the local labour territory to attract new immigrants with the precise skills, work experience, and knowledge needed to meet the local labour market needs their province economy development. This PNP program for skilled workers who want to enhance additional 600 points in CRS can apply under the Canada PNP program.

Following are The Requirements to Apply for PNP.

1. Ontario Human Capital Priorities

The largest province in Canada is Ontario. It is the most popular destination for new migrants.

Toronto is also the central hub for most multinational companies. It is also known as a growing hub for the tech sector in Canada.

Ontario’s Human Capital Priorities stream is an excellent option for those residing outside Canada. This stream highlights skilled workers who can fill qualified job positions in the province.

To get considered, an applicant should have an active Express Entry profile with a 400‐point or higher CRS ranking. Ontario reviews the candidate’s profiles and invites profiles who meet their eligibility criteria to submit to the PNP. The exact criteria used by Ontario for selecting candidates have not been made public and it changes from time to time.

3. Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker

Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker has two streams

Saskatchewan Express Entry stream. This requires an active Express Entry profile for a candidate to apply. Second, the Saskatchewan Occupation In‐Demand stream. This does not require an Express Entry profile. Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Stream brings skilled workers capable of filling labour gaps in Saskatchewan’s workforce. If you already have experience in an in‐demand job and satisfy additional eligibility requirements, this may be an excellent opportunity for you. To qualify, an applicant must have at least one year of work experience in one of the positions listed on the In‐Demand Occupations List of Saskatchewan.


2. Alberta Express Entry

The Alberta Express Entry stream chooses applicants directly from the federal Express Entry pool and invites the applicants to apply for a provincial nomination.

The main advantage of this stream is that the maximum CRS score is 300, ensuring more applicants in the pool would have a chance to obtain a provincial Notification of Interest.

Getting a provincial nomination would raise the CRS score by 600 points, practically ensuring that they will receive an Invitation to Apply (ATI) in the next Express Entry draw for permanent residence.

4. Nova Scotia Labor Market Priorities

Nova Scotia invites a specific National Occupation Classification (CON) each year. This category does not require a job offer as this stream is aligned with express entry and designed to fill in labour market gaps. Upon receiving an invitation, you will have to submit your application.

Nova PNP does not announce NOC in advance. If your NOC comes up in the list, there are high chances you might make the cut.